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NCI Patient-Derived Models Repository (PDMR) - An NCI Precision Oncology Initiative Resource
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Last Updated: 12/01/23

PDMR Materials Available

For more details see: PDMR Material Information

Fee-based: Submission Request Required

In Vivo In Vitro
Cryopreserved Patient-Derived Xenograft (PDX) Fragments
(subcutaneous implantation into 2-5 NSG mice)
Patient/PDX-Derived heterogenous tumor culture cells (PDC)
(in vitro culture, defined media, tested for growth as a cell line xenograft in NSG mice, minimum of 7.5 x 105 cells)
RNA from fresh-frozen PDX tissue
(2-3 μg in at least 10 μL)
Patient/PDX-Derived organoids (PDOrg)
(3D in vitro culture, defined media, tested for growth as a cell line xenograft in NSG mice, minimum of 7.5 x 105 cells)
DNA from fresh-frozen PDX tissue
(2-3 μg in at least 10 μL)
Cancer-Associated Fibroblasts (CAF)
(limited lifespan, not transformed, defined media, minimum of 1-5 x 105 cells)
Fresh-Frozen PDX fragments
(30-60 mg; protein/nucleotide extraction)

Publicly Accessible Genomics Data: Download from PDMR Database

Note: Data are generated from PDX tumors which are a mixture of human tumor and mouse stroma; these are not pure human extractions. Murine reads are removed bioinformatically. Data analysis pipelines and reference sequence for the NSG host (NOD.Cg-Prkdcscid Il2rgtm1Wjl/SzJ) can be found on the PDMR SOP page.

In Vivo (PDX) In Vitro (PDC and PDOrg only)
Whole Exome Sequencing Whole Exome Sequencing
Germline sequence
(where available)
Germline sequence
(where available)
NCI Cancer Gene Panel NCI Cancer Gene Panel
Consensus sequence
(variants present in 100% of the PDXs sequenced)

How to Request Material

For more details and pricing see: PDMR Material Request Procedures

  1. Fill out a PDMR Model Request Form.
    • Provide no more than a 2-page summary of the research plan for the requested material(s)
    • If requesting CAF cultures, be sure to supply sufficient justification for why the proposed research should be considered over other requestors. CAFs are non-renewable by the PDMR and once distribution material is used up, no further material will be available.
  2. Review the Material Transfer Terms of Agreement and fill out the Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) with signatures affixed from both the requestor and authorizing official (required by NCI). Modifications to NCI’s Material Transfer Terms of Agreement will not be considered.
    • Complete Appendix 1 in the MTA with all PDX model Distribution Lot names listed and type requested.
    • Complete Appendix 2 in the MTA with all PDC, CAF, and/or PDOrg model Distribution Lot names requested.
    • Intramural investigators (MD campuses — Bethesda, Shady Grove, Frederick) need to complete the Intramural MTA (the Terms of the Agreement are included in the document) and Materials Request Form (leave the FedEx and Payment Information blank).
  3. If requesting cryopreserved fragments for PDX generation, provide a copy of your Animal Care and Use Committee (ACUC) protocol indicating your laboratory or designate uses NOD.Cg-Prkdcscid Il2rgtm1Wjl/SzJ (NSG) mice or a Bill of Sale showing NSG mice have been purchased. All NCI Patient Derived Models Repository PDXs must be initially implanted into NSG mice by the recipient for propagation.
    • If the recipient wishes to expand in other host mouse strains, the recipient should establish a stock of viably cryopreserved fragments from the initial NSG implants and then test PDX take-rates in alternate host strains.
  4. Send the Request Form(s), MTA, and ACUC protocol/Bill of Sale (if applicable) to:
  5. If requesting in vitro material, a follow up email will be sent after request documents have been received indicating the specific defined media requirements of the models requested. The recipient must acknowledge that they are aware and will purchase the media components before their request is sent for review.
    • If the recipient wishes to expand into other media than the Complete Media specified in the Certificate of Analysis provided with the requested cultures or on non-Matrigel coated flasks, the recipient should first establish a stock of viably cryopreserved vials of cells per the PDMR SOP and then test viability in alternate media conditions.

Forms and Associated Documents

Documents for Material Requests

Email the completed Request Form, signed MTA, and Proof of NSG mice (if applicable) to:

DOMESTIC Distribution
(Academic, Commercial/Pharmaceutical, Non-profit)
(Academic, Commercial/Pharmaceutical, Non-profit)
Intramural Investigators

Previous Material Transfer Terms of Agreements:

Associated Documents

NCI PDMR Annual Report
NCI PDMR Material Request Procedures
NCI PDMR Material Information

Distribution Information

  1. The PDMR can accept payments by (i) electronic ACH/Wire transfer or (ii) mailed paper checks (see payment procedures in PDMR Material Request Procedures document).
  2. Upon receipt of viably cryopreserved material, vial(s) should be immediately placed in LN2 Vapor Phase (-180°C); Do not store at -80°C.
  3. All NCI Patient-Derived Models Repository (PDMR) in vitro cultures (PDOrg, PDC, and CAF) are tested for sterility and confirmed mycoplasma free.