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NCI Patient-Derived Models Repository (PDMR) - An NCI Precision Oncology Initiative Resource
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Last Updated: 04/17/23

Model Contributors

Coming Soon

Details on Contributing Institutions and Principal Investigators who have deposited models to the NCI PDMR that are currently available for researchers to request will be listed here along with a PI-designated contact in case there are additional questions about the Contributor models that are not available as part of the distribution material through the NCI PDMR.

The NCI PDMR database will also be revised soon to include a more streamlined view to specifically find models deposited to the NCI PDMR by Contributing Institutions and Principal Investigators. It should be noted for models to be deposited to the NCI PDMR the PIs need to (1) provide a read copy of the patient informed consent confirming that sharing of the models and their associated data through a public database is allowed and (2) provide detailed animal facility pathogen reports to ensure any deposited models meet the pathogen status outlined on our website (